Kayak Surfing

At the Swiss Resort Lausanne you can arrange anything from a business meeting to a wedding with a range of different rooms available.
Monday - Sunday
06:00 am - 23:30 pm
$50 - $1000

Water Sports you Must Try

We take care of your body, stimulate your senses and relax your mind. Due to its unique exceptional thermal springs, rich sources of mineral water with beneficial effects on health, especially muscle and joint regeneration, our Wellness & Spa has become synonymous of relaxation and well-being.

We have some great surfing locations all around the British Isles. The Atlantic coastline of Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Ireland and Scotland together with the North Sea coastline of Scotland and Northern England.

If you are completely new to surf kayaking then it might be worth getting a few hints from one of the many British Canoeing surf kayaking coaches and leaders around the UK. Find out as much as possible before you head out into the water, educate yourself or get some training on how to surf safely, how to recognise dangerous conditions and the etiquette of surfing with others. There are books, websites, videos’s, fellow paddlers and coaches that can help.
Everyone surfs for fun. Lots of people do this with friends and club members and others enjoy doing this in a competition. Competitions are run at every level, from introductory events right up to World Championships. The best thing about competitions is that you’ll see and learn from other surf kayaks and get ideas of the skills that you want to develop.